Nexy Community

Startups + Technology + Rationality + Creativity

Nexy is a community of makers - startup founders, developers, designers, writers, all people who are interested in using technology to create cool things, build projects, and turn them into profitable businesses.

I want it to become a place where smart and creative people share their knowledge, engage in thoughtful discussions, exchange feedback and advice, help each other to get better at their craft, showcase their projects, and grow their audience.

Our purpose is to share insightful ideas and actionable advice which:

  • Helps you to get better at your craft, and create cool things that make an impact on the world.
  • Helps you to build an audience, grow your projects, and make money with what you create.
  • Helps you to improve your reasoning and decision making skills, hold true beliefs, and be effective at accomplishing your goals.
  • Gratifies your intellectual curiosity, deepens your understanding of the world.
  • Sparks interesting conversations that lead to new ideas.

Nexy Platform

Publishing + Nuanced Discussion + Community

Nexy's purpose is to:

  • Help authors to publish and spread high-quality ideas, incentivize people to create content that is deeply interesting rather than fleeting and shallow.
  • Help authors to grow their audience and draw attention to their projects.
  • Support thoughtful and nuanced discussions.

This platform is inspired by Hacker News, Indie Hackers, Less Wrong, Ghost, and Medium. I want to turn this project into a powerful tool enabling people to build and grow online publications and communities.

For now this is still a very early beta, used mainly by myself (lumen).

Become an Author

Why write for Nexy

Sharing your knowledge is rewarding in itself, it will help you to flesh out your ideas and clarify your thinking. You can also engage in interesting discussions with our community, receive feedback and advice from intelligent people, and build your reputation.

On top of that, we want to help you spread your ideas and grow your audience:

  • The best articles are sent out to our mailing list and shared on our social media accounts.
  • Cross-posting is allowed. If you want to publish an article from your own website or a blog - it will have a prominent link (and a canonical url) pointing to the original post, which will send you traffic and help your search engine rankings.
  • Calls to action are allowed. High quality articles can contain a CTA at the end, inviting people to check out your product, follow your blog, etc.
  • Authors who consistently contribute quality content are allowed to make posts in our "Showcase" hub - you can write a post about your project, explain why it will be interesting to our community, and it will be shared with our readers.

How to publish your story

To ensure the quality of our content, posting here is invite-only. Write and submit a draft of your post, and it will be published once it has been checked by our editor. After you have successfully published 5 posts, you gain a "trusted" status and can publish posts on your own.

If you want to participate in this project and have a post you think will be interesting to our readers - send me a link.


If you want to share your project with a community of smart people interested in startups and technology - send me an email. Only very relevant ads to high-quality products are accepted.


If you have any questions, feedback, advice, or want to reach out to me for any reason - feel free to send me an email (lumenwrites@gmail.com), message me on Discord (lumen#7925), or on Twitter (@lumenwrites).