Startup Founder, Web Developer, Writer.
I write about things that gratify my intellectual curiosity.
Ways to Invent Endless Content Ideas
This is my collection of ways to come up with an unlimited number of ideas for your blog posts, youtube videos, podcast episodes, articles, and so on.
Business advice for software developers
My favorite takeaways from an amazing Ask HN thread where technical founders shared the most important things they have learned from building a business.
Format your writing for Readability
My small collection of formatting tips that will make your posts more engaging and easy to read.
Invent the Future from the Future
My key takeaways from “How to Invent the Future”, a brilliant lecture by Alan Kay at Startup School.
On Writing Well
My key takeaways from "On Writing Well".
Value Arbitrage
Generate value and ideas by cross-applying patterns between the different fields.
Write Evergreen Atomic Notes
Turn your notes into posts that are useful, easy to write, easy to discover, fun to read, and add up to productive output.
Writing Like Product
When you're writing blog posts or courses, think of yourself as a startup founder building a product.
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