I help indie content creators to leverage technology and digital writing to start sharing their knowledge, grow their audience, and build profitable businesses.
Ways to Invent Endless Content Ideas
This is my collection of ways to come up with an unlimited number of ideas for your blog posts, youtube videos, podcast episodes, articles, and so on.
How to Write Things People Want to Read
If you're writing for yourself, you can write about anything you want. If you're writing to spread your ideas, reach an audience, or make money - you need to figure out how to write things people really want to read. Here's how.
How to Build your Digital Library of Ideas
The most powerful tool you can have as a writer is your own digital library of ideas. Here's how to build it.
15 Types of Atomic Essays You Should Write
I highly recommend you to write at least one essay of each type - the more different formats you experiment with, the more you'll learn!
The 9 Keys to Engaging Writing
The 9 strategies great writers use to make their writing more engaging.
Format your writing for Readability
My small collection of formatting tips that will make your posts more engaging and easy to read.
12 Keys to a Great Startup Idea
Learn about the qualities of the most promising startup ideas.
The 7 Strategies You Should Use to Write Titles that Make People Click
If your title is not compelling, nobody will read your post. Use these strategies to get people to click.
How to write posts that do well on Hacker News
Organized and distilled summary of HN moderator's advice on writing posts that HN community will find interesting.
Think like a Bayesian (without all the math)
Learn the two most useful practical applications of Bayesian thinking, without all the difficult math.
The Bullet Drafts Method Will Forever Change The Way You Write
The Bullet Drafts Method is a much more powerful and flexible way to write your drafts.
How to Overcome the Fear of a Blank Page
Many writers dread the blank page - the sense of staring at the open document, desperately wanting to write, yet unable to think of a single thing to say. Today I will teach you how to overcome this fear forever.
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